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Embedded applications

Embedded applications are software applications that get loaded onto non-traditional computing devices. The dashboard computer in a new automobile, the touchscreen terminal in an airport terminal kiosk and the remote scanners used in warehouses and retail stores are all examples of modern computing devices that run embedded apps. Learn about the embedded operating systems, platforms and frameworks that can help application developers build embedded software without writing machine code or starting from scratch.

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  • Big data trends: Big things in store for 2013 21 Feb 2013

    News - Big data trends in 2013 will include rises in cloud storage, organization of unstructured data and the importance of real-time analytics.

  • Mobile application development: MIT panelists say HTML5 will lag native approaches 18 Apr 2012

    News - There are hopes that HTML5 will ease mobile device development soon. But at the 2012 MIT Hi-Tech Conference, game developers said it will take time.

  • Testing Inside the Container 01 Jun 2006

    Article - This article discusses how to use OpenEJB's container driven testing features to simplify and supercharge your EJB testing.

  • Testing Entity Beans 01 Jun 2006

    Article - This section covers techniques and strategies for testing your Entity Beans. Entity Beans come with their own special considerations and issues, because in addition to the bean classes and the test cases, you must also concern yourself with generating a...