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Java application deployment

Taking a program from lines of code to a functioning Java application requires several important steps and tools. Before application deployment, a Java Runtime Environment must be put in place. The next step in Java application development is to use either a Java Plug-in or Java Web Start to deploy the application. In this section, find the news, research, and tutorials you need to deploy Java apps. Learn the different steps Java developers need to take, and find tips and best practices to help make enterprise application deployment fast and successful.


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  • Is Java EE7's cloud focus too narrow? 11 Oct 2011

    Video - The upcoming Java EE7 release is focused on cloud computing, but at JavaOne 2011 some Java experts wondered if that's a good thing.

  • Jeanne Boyarsky on the differences between Agile leaders and PMs 22 Mar 2011

    Video - Jeanne Boyarsky discusses the role of the project manager, the differences between and agile leader and a project manager, and how to move into Agile development

  • Ben Evans and Martijn Verburg on Java 7 22 Mar 2011

    Video - In this video Ben Evans and Martjin Verburg talk about Java 7, the new version of Java that's coming out this summer. Find out what sorts of improvements have been made and when to expect your first look at Java 7.

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  • Failing to integrate security with DevOps? Do so at your own peril 27 Apr 2015

    Feature - Security is often considered as an afterthought in the software development lifecycle. But organizations need to keep up with vulnerabilities as they move to more agile DevOps practices. Read on for some best practices in building a security conscious...

  • Mobile development looks inwards as internal facing apps gain traction 23 Apr 2015

    Feature - As enterprise moves forward to provide employees with the apps they need for maximum productivity, everything is on the table for reinvention. A mix of standardized and customized solutions will be required by big business to meet the needs of an...

  • Docker and containerization: The uncontainable trend of 2015 03 Apr 2015

    Feature - Containerization, especially using new and exciting platforms like Docker, is a massive trend in the industry. Find out how to leverage this trend to run applications, host operating systems and gain even more benefits from running in a fully virtualized...

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