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Open source development tools offer a more affordable and more customizable means to develop Java software. Although problems and costs can arise from lack of documentation and support, many enterprise developers make open source development a large part of their Java dev strategies. In this section on open source strategies, learn the capabilities of different tools, discover new open source Java tools, and get tips and advice on integrating and contributing to open source projects.


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  • Apache Camel news from JavaOne 2011 12 Oct 2011

    Video - Apache Camel, the open source integration framework, is enjoying an upward swing in popularity as the community prepares for the upcoming release of Camel 3.

  • Does Open Source Mean Superior Software Quality? 10 May 2011

    Video - James Strachan, the man who believes he invented Groovy, presented a lightninground session at TheServerSide Java Symposium to speak about FuseSource and Open Source Software. In that discussion, he asserts that there are reasons why open source projects...

  • James Strachan on Apache Camel and Fuse IDE 18 Mar 2011

    Video - James Strachan, who works on Apache Camel as well as other Apache projects, talks about apache Camel and the capabilities of the Fuse IDE.

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  • Integrating Ajax into your Facelets pages: Death to JSF's request-response cycle 20 Jul 2014

    Tutorial - If you're doing Facelets development, this might be the most important tutorial you will ever read. It will explain to you how to throw out that annoying request-response cycle, and explain how to integrate Ajax based JSF components with a dynamically...

  • Turning a web page into a JSF 2.0 template with Facelets 19 Jul 2014

    Tutorial - How do you take a web page and turn it into a template using Facelets as the template engine? It takes some JSF, some HTML, maybe some CSS, and lots of JSF UI tags, but overall, it's an easy and simple process if you follow this tutorial.

  • Freezer: Putting object relational mapping (ORM) tools to the test 03 Jul 2014

    Feature - Freezer is a code generator that constructs the persistence layer of a Java application: DAOs, DTOs, database tables and database documentation. This article compares the use of the DAOs generated by Freezer, with the use of an ORM tool, like for example...

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