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Software programming languages are crucial communication lines between programs. Get the lates news on Java programming languages, Java alternatives and software languages. Find tips, expert responses, webcasts, podcasts or features related to software programming languages.


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  • A new approach to condensing data leads to a 99% compression rate 07 May 2015

    Feature - Given the enormous thirst for data, coupled with the finite existence of copper and fiber optic cables that link clients and servers together, the need for powerful compression algorithms is self-evident. Has XLABS solved the problem with a 99% rate?...

  • Who are the heroes of the tech world? 15 Apr 2015

    Feature - TheServerSide has spoken with many up and coming stalwarts in the industry, and what we wanted to know was who they looked up to as thought leaders and heroes. The names they picked might surprise you.

  • Google's Project X: Solving the worlds problems, one moon-shot at a time 07 Apr 2015

    Feature - Using the ambitious plans to put humans on the moon as a source of inspiration, Google is asking young minds to come up with their own 'moon-shots' that approach solving important problems in new and creative ways.

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