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Cloud application security

Managing cloud application performance and security is not business as usual for enterprise application developers. The elastic nature of cloud computing resources requires developers to take a fresh look at application performance metrics. Cloud application security requires developers move beyond the idea that a strong firewall perimeter will keep their data safe.


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  • Is AWS cloud security really out of your hands? 22 Jun 2014

    Feature - There is a great number of misconceptions when it comes to cloud based security, and just how much control the client has over the security of their resources and data that are running in a virtualize space. Is AWS cloud security out of the hands of the...

  • Finding a needle in a big data haystack: Cloud based analytics to the rescue 19 May 2014

    Feature - Organizations are handling more and more data all the time, and a big problem is figuring out how to find an important piece of information in peta-bytes of big data. How can it be done? Cloud based technologies that can burst and grow are becoming the...

  • Allaying the AWS security concerns: How the cloud became more secure than on-premise 19 May 2014

    Feature - Many organizations stayed away from the cloud over concerns for security. But in the Internet of things, where everything is connected, organizations are embracing AWS and other clouds, believing them to be more secure than on-premise data centers.

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  • The DevOps versus PaaS myth: Smart IT shop make them work together 26 May 2014

    Tip - Many people have the false impression that if you're going down a DevOps route, PaaS isn't the path you want to take. Cloudbees CEO, Sacha Labourey, explains why smart IT managers and directors aren't afraid to bring the two approaches together.

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