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Modular programming

Programming code is a specification and architecture for the development and deployment of distributed server side, transactional and secure application components. Application developers focus on programming code business rules and leave the infrastructural service-related issues to the application container and server. Learn about programming side of modular code including modular programming articles, tips and news.


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  • Devoxx for Kids at Fluent 27 Mar 2014

    Conference News - Learn about Devoxx for Kids, a computer programming educational nonprofit that was presented at Fluent.

  • Continuing Video Coverage of New Java 7 Features and APIs 10 Feb 2012

    News - Here at TheServerSide.com, we've been providing some very dedicated coverage to the new features of Java 7, with a look at tackling some of the new Java 7 APIs like the new File I/O (NIO.2) and concurrency libraries with tutorials and learning guides in...

  • OCAJP Java 7 Exam Expected in March 2012? OCPJP to Follow? 10 Jan 2012

    News - Highly anticipated, the new Oracle certification for Java, OCAJP, went out of beta on December 17th, 2011. So when will the new exam be released? And when will the OCPJP exam be released?

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  • polyglot programming 30 Sep 2015

    Definition - Polyglot programming is the practice of writing code in multiple languages to capture additional functionality and efficiency not available in a single language.

  • dependency checking 30 Sep 2015

    Definition - Dependency checking is a function that is performed to ensure that all pre-requisites for a given run-time image are present.

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