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WS* specifications

Learn about the variety of specifications for Web services. These specifications are in varying degrees of maturity and are maintained or supported by various standards bodies and entities. Web service specifications are occasionally referred to collectively as "WS-*", though there is not a single managed set of specifications. Find out about the collective WS* specifications in this topic section.


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  • OCPJP & OCAJP: Java 7 training requirement for the Oracle Certified Professional Programmer dropped 21 Dec 2011

    News - In order to obtain the certified architect position from Oracle, attending and passing a training course is now required. But what about the Java Professional and Java Associate designations, OCPJP and OCAJP for Java 7?

  • Introducing Axiom 01 Jul 2006

    Article - An XML Object model should be memory efficient and fast in processing XML. These two goals are very difficult to satisfy with the technologies that exist so far. However, with the introduction of StAX (Streaming API for XML), these goals are no longer...

  • XDoclet In Action 01 Apr 2004

    Article - There are some books that you really look forward to. The reason that I was looking forward to XDoclet in Action was because the topic really needed a good book. It needed a book that covered the myriad of areas that you want to know about when working...

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  • Effective Naming Strategies for RESTful Web Services 06 Mar 2013

    Tip - New descriptive languages like WADL and WSDL 2.0 are making it possible to describe the RESTful contract to client applications. However, if your RESTful web services are not named effectively, the mechanism for describing the interface may run out of...

  • Pros and cons of HTML5 for business 06 Apr 2012

    Tip - HTML5 brings business benefits but also challenges. How will the new HTML standard effect businesses, developers and consumers?

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