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Java Web services usually include some combination of programming and data that are made available from a business' Web server for Web users or other Web-connected programs. Java Web services range from such major services as storage management to much more limited services, such as checking the bids on an auction item. The acceleration of Web services development is a major trend. Learn about Web services architecture and its ties to Java development. .


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  • JSF Tutorial: Completing the Ajax based Facelets application 31 Aug 2014

    Tutorial - If you're using JSF, you're probably using Facelets, and if you're creating modern web based applications, you'll likely want to use Ajax based request-response cycles. Here we conclude our tutorial on JavaServer Faces, Facelets and Ajax based...

  • Comparing of the cloud storage Titans: Amazon S3 versus Microsoft Azure 25 Aug 2014

    Feature - There are many vendors out there fighting for your cloud based storage space, with the two biggest being Microsoft Azure and Amazon's S3 offering. Here we compare the two to help you figure out which cloud storage solution is right for you.

  • Creating pages based on a JSF template: Using the Facelets ui:define tag 20 Jul 2014

    Tutorial - What do you do once you've set up a handsome page template using the Facelets functions that come with JSF 2.x? Well, you start creating new pages, meshing those ui:define tags in with ui:composition and ui:insert. It's easier than it sounds, trust me.

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