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JVM languages - Scala, Groovy, Grails, Jruby

The Java platform is highly robust because the Java Virtual Machine (JVM) supports much more than just the core Java language. Application developers need to choose which of the JVM languages to run on the virtual machine. Scala, Groovy, Grails, and Jruby are all popular choices. Scala is an object oriented language designed to be highly scalable. Groovy is similar to the standard Java language with several additional features. The Grails framework leverages Groovy under a "coding by convention" paradigm. Learn about all of these Java languages and more in this topic section.


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  • Goetz hangs his hat on lambda parallelism and performance 30 Sep 2014

    Feature - When it comes to improving Java, few changes have been as eagerly anticipated as lambdas. From parallelism to performance, the lambda experiment is working, and smart software developers are adopting it.

  • JSF Tutorial: Completing the Ajax based Facelets application 31 Aug 2014

    Tutorial - If you're using JSF, you're probably using Facelets, and if you're creating modern web based applications, you'll likely want to use Ajax based request-response cycles. Here we conclude our tutorial on JavaServer Faces, Facelets and Ajax based...

  • An introduction to template building with Facelets, CSS, HTML and JSF 2.2 19 Jul 2014

    Tutorial - Facelets is a great technology for creating templates for websites and then adding dynamic functionality. In this tutorial, we will introduce the idea of creating a template page with CSS, HTML, JavaScript and JavaServer Faces 2.2 (JSF).

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