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Ajax Web development and Java client programs

Creating dynamic, interactive Web applications requires advanced programming techniques. Ajax Web development is one such technique. Ajax, which derived from a portmanteau of Asynchronous JavaScript and XML, allows developers to create client platforms and applications that can update and interact with users without requiring the client side to refresh. Ajax works well with Java development platforms. Find out more about Ajax Web development and related concepts in this topic section with our valuable news, tips and resources.

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  • Google Web Designer tool to make HTML5 on mobile a reality? 16 Sep 2013

    News - The industry does not need another mobile development platform, but instead, consolidation. Hopefully, Google Web Designer (GWD) will help consolidate the mobile industry on HTML5.

  • The evolution of portal based application development tools and technologies 01 Nov 2012

    News - How has portal technology changed in the past five or six years? You might think the big change is with the API, and the support portlet applications have for new scripting languages and AJAX support. But Liferay's Richard Sezov has a different...

  • Rich Internet applications spur new Web frameworks and technologies 30 Apr 2012

    News - Rich Internet applications (RIAs) may be on the rise over the next eighteen months, as new Web development technologies gain ground.

  • Liferay Portal 6.1: Setting the Standard for Enterprise Portal Offerings 24 Feb 2012

    News - If you've ever worked with WebSphere, the term 'portal' is a dirty word. But Liferay has redefined the portal space with an open-source, feature full offering that is only about 250 megs in size and more feature full than anything IBM has ever offered in...

  • Continuing Video Coverage of New Java 7 Features and APIs 10 Feb 2012

    News - Here at TheServerSide.com, we've been providing some very dedicated coverage to the new features of Java 7, with a look at tackling some of the new Java 7 APIs like the new File I/O (NIO.2) and concurrency libraries with tutorials and learning guides in...

  • OCAJP Java 7 Exam Expected in March 2012? OCPJP to Follow? 10 Jan 2012

    News - Highly anticipated, the new Oracle certification for Java, OCAJP, went out of beta on December 17th, 2011. So when will the new exam be released? And when will the OCPJP exam be released?

  • Designing and Architecting Tasks to Rule 2012 30 Dec 2011

    News - The 2011 TSS Java Trends survey seems to indicate that overwhelmingly, designing and architecting tasks will rule with a whopping 70% of respondents indicating so. Coding entirely new apps jumped up to 39% as well. Seems that new apps are the new black...

  • OCPJP & OCAJP: Java 7 training requirement for the Oracle Certified Professional Programmer dropped 21 Dec 2011

    News - In order to obtain the certified architect position from Oracle, attending and passing a training course is now required. But what about the Java Professional and Java Associate designations, OCPJP and OCAJP for Java 7?

  • An extensive RIA technology comparison matrix TheServerSide Newsfeed | 26 Oct 2011

    News - Today the people behind Vaadin released an updated comparison matrix that lines up the most popular and prominent rich Web technologies for a truthful comparison matrix. They're now trying to gather feedback for any mistakes they might've made in the...

  • jqGrid, REST, AJAX and Spring MVC integration TheServerSide Newsfeed | 18 Jul 2011

    News - More than two years back I wrote an article on how two implement elegant CRUD in Struts2. Today I have taken a much more lightweight and modern approach with a set of popular and well established frameworks and libraries. We will use Spring MVC on the...