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Ajax Web development and Java client programs

Creating dynamic, interactive Web applications requires advanced programming techniques. Ajax Web development is one such technique. Ajax, which derived from a portmanteau of Asynchronous JavaScript and XML, allows developers to create client platforms and applications that can update and interact with users without requiring the client side to refresh. Ajax works well with Java development platforms. Find out more about Ajax Web development and related concepts in this topic section with our valuable news, tips and resources.

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  • Five drawbacks to choosing JSF as your web application framework 16 Feb 2016

    Feature - Being packed as part of the Java EE web profile, JSF is a compelling web framework to choose, but here are five reasons why you might want to think twice about using JavaServer Faces as UI framework for your project.

  • These new features in PHP 7 will convince you to do an upgrade 10 Dec 2015

    Feature - There have been some significant improvements to the PHP language. In this article we show you how to take advantage of them, and potentially convince you to do an upgrade and migrate to the new version.

  • Top 7 Java platform takeaways from JavaOne 2015 02 Nov 2015

    Feature - What were the big takeaways from JavaOne 2015 with regards to the Java platform? Here we take a look at seven key insights garnered from this year's JavaOne and Oracle Open World conferences.

  • Addressing the SPI performance issues you don't realize you already have 09 Jul 2015

    Feature - New frameworks like Angular and Ember make creating applications with a single-page-interface (SPI) easier than ever. But quite often the performance feedback never gets back to the server, especially given the fact that all of that code runs on the...

  • Six Steps to Accelerating Mobile App Testing 17 Jun 2015

    Feature - With software testing being one of the most time consuming steps in the application lifecycle management (ALM) process, everyone is looking at ways to speed up testing. In this article, we look at six ways to accelerate mobile application testing.

  • Asynchronously invoking a second managed bean method in JavaSever Faces (JSF) 04 May 2015

    Tutorial - The new features added to JSF make doing an asynchronous call to the server incredibly easy, but what if you need to follow that first asynchronous call with a second asynchronous call to a JavaServer Faces managed bean? It's a bit of work, but in this...

  • How to invoke a JSF managed bean asynchronously through JavaScript 04 May 2015

    Tutorial - Sometimes great frameworks like JSF, Wicket or Spring MVC make simple tasks surprisingly difficult to do. With JavaServer Faces, the simple task of invoking a method on a managed bean is actually a bit of a chore. In this tutorial, we tackle that chore...

  • Mobile development looks inwards as internal facing apps gain traction 23 Apr 2015

    Feature - As enterprise moves forward to provide employees with the apps they need for maximum productivity, everything is on the table for reinvention. A mix of standardized and customized solutions will be required by big business to meet the needs of an...

  • AngularJS: A JavaScript framework built with software testing in mind 30 Jan 2015

    Feature - Modern development methodologies rely heavily on testing and testing frameworks. Of course, testing frameworks are quite mature in the Java and .NET world, but they have been nascent in terms of JavaScript. Here's what's new in the world of JavaScript...

  • From the mobile browser to the cloud: The expanding role of JavaScript 21 Jan 2015

    Feature - While originally a language confined just to the web browser, JavaScript has become a requirement for server-side developers as well, as its use in cloud based and mobile applications has become more prevalent and important than ever.