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Big data architecture

As enterprise organizations begin to collect massive amounts of data and to begin to find ways to capitalize on that data, enterprise application developers are increasingly being asked to build big data architecture. Developing effective big data strategies that can go beyond processing big data in big batches and bring the enterprise into real-time big data analytics is a heavy challenge. Big data frameworks such as Hadoop can be very helpful, but at this point, enterprise architects need a thorough understanding of basics of big data.


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  • NoSpinningDiscs: Why your NoSQL solution thirsts for SSDs 02 Mar 2014

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  • The three most common NoSQL mistakes you don't want to be making 02 Mar 2014

    Feature - More and more organizations are using NoSQL to solve various data persistence problems. But sometimes the rush to use a new technology can cause problems. Here are three common NoSQL mistakes adopters of the technology will want to avoid.

  • Is it finally time to integrate a NoSQL solution into your enterprise apps? 01 Mar 2014

    Feature - While relational technologies have been around for a while, NoSQL solutions have proven themselves out time and time again. Perhaps it's time to start seriously thinking about integrating a NoSQL solution into your next enterprise application.

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