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JavaServer Faces (JSF) is a Java-based Web application framework designed to help integrate server-side user interfaces (UIs) during development. JSF includes an API for representing UI components and managing their state, handling events, server-side validation, and data conversion. JSF also includes two JavaServer Pages custom tag libraries. The JSF programming model lets helps developers configure components and create, bind, and store UIs. In this section on JavaServer Faces, we offer news, research and tutorials on using JSF to help develop applications. Learn how JSF lets you build rich internet applications that implement separation of behavior and presentation, allowing Web application developers to focus on individual aspects of a project and use JSF technology to link them together.


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  • The evolution of portal based application development tools and technologies 01 Nov 2012

    News - How has portal technology changed in the past five or six years? You might think the big change is with the API, and the support portlet applications have for new scripting languages and AJAX support. But Liferay's Richard Sezov has a different...

  • Liferay CEO says people are the company's strength 18 Oct 2012

    News - At the 2012 Liferay Symposium, the theme being pushed was "Open for Business", using the double entendre meaning of both open software and open for offering business ready software to clients.

  • JavaOne conference coverage 2012 SearchOracle.com | 01 Oct 2012

    Conference Coverage - Join TheServerSide.com and SearchOracle.com as we present conference coverage from JavaOne and Oracle OpenWorld.

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  • An Introduction to JSF 2.0 Development Tutorial: Getting started 04 Feb 2011

    Video - Want to learn JSF 2.0? Well, this tutorial, a first in a long set, will teach you how to configure a development environment with Tomcat 7, the Mojarra libraries from Sun/Oracle (jsf-impl.jar & jsf-api.jar), and it will then show you how to write,...

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