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JavaServer Pages help a user create Web content that has static and dynamic components. On a JSP page, static data is expressed with HTML, XML, or other text based formats, and dynamic content is expressed with JSP element. JSP uses a unified expression language to help integrate it with JavaServer Faces and other J2EE Web tier technologies. JSP also makes use of the JSP Standard Tag Library. In this section, we offer news, research and tutorials on using JSF to help develop dynamic Web content. Learn how JSP can help create platform-independent Web applications using Java EE 5 technology, including JavaServer Faces and the JavaServer Page Standard Tag Library.


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  • Template based web design with JSF Facelets: ui:insert versus ui:include 20 Jul 2014

    Tutorial - When creating a web page template with JSF, a developer needs to know the difference between ui:insert and ui:include. They're actually quite different, but the similar sounding names can create confusion. Here's a great example of when to use ui:insert...

  • Turning a web page into a JSF 2.0 template with Facelets 19 Jul 2014

    Tutorial - How do you take a web page and turn it into a template using Facelets as the template engine? It takes some JSF, some HTML, maybe some CSS, and lots of JSF UI tags, but overall, it's an easy and simple process if you follow this tutorial.

  • An introduction to template building with Facelets, CSS, HTML and JSF 2.2 19 Jul 2014

    Tutorial - Facelets is a great technology for creating templates for websites and then adding dynamic functionality. In this tutorial, we will introduce the idea of creating a template page with CSS, HTML, JavaScript and JavaServer Faces 2.2 (JSF).

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