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JavaServer Pages help a user create Web content that has static and dynamic components. On a JSP page, static data is expressed with HTML, XML, or other text based formats, and dynamic content is expressed with JSP element. JSP uses a unified expression language to help integrate it with JavaServer Faces and other J2EE Web tier technologies. JSP also makes use of the JSP Standard Tag Library. In this section, we offer news, research and tutorials on using JSF to help develop dynamic Web content. Learn how JSP can help create platform-independent Web applications using Java EE 5 technology, including JavaServer Faces and the JavaServer Page Standard Tag Library.


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  • Enterprise scale AngularJS: Embracing Agile development in a brand new way 20 Nov 2014

    News - Reporting from Devoxx 2014 in Antwerp, Geertjan Wielenga tells of some of the lessons learned on day four of the conference. News to many is the fact that banking development may be cool again, especially if those banks are embracing Agile development in...

  • Liferay CEO says people are the company's strength 18 Oct 2012

    News - At the 2012 Liferay Symposium, the theme being pushed was "Open for Business", using the double entendre meaning of both open software and open for offering business ready software to clients.

  • Continuing Video Coverage of New Java 7 Features and APIs 10 Feb 2012

    News - Here at TheServerSide.com, we've been providing some very dedicated coverage to the new features of Java 7, with a look at tackling some of the new Java 7 APIs like the new File I/O (NIO.2) and concurrency libraries with tutorials and learning guides in...

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