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When looking to use Java to create dynamic Web content, the servlet can help by extending the applications hosted by Web servers. To do this, the servlet object dynamically receives a request and generates an object based on that request. Servlets are created using the API found in the javax.servlet package. In this section on the Java servlet get news, advice, and tutorials on using the Java servlet to extend Web servers and help you create dynamic Web content. Learn how Java servlets can be used with JavaServer Pages and JavaServer Faces to make dynamic Web content for your organization.


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  • How to invoke a JSF managed bean asynchronously through JavaScript 04 May 2015

    Tutorial - Sometimes great frameworks like JSF, Wicket or Spring MVC make simple tasks surprisingly difficult to do. With JavaServer Faces, the simple task of invoking a method on a managed bean is actually a bit of a chore. In this tutorial, we tackle that chore...

  • AngularJS: A JavaScript framework built with software testing in mind 30 Jan 2015

    Feature - Modern development methodologies rely heavily on testing and testing frameworks. Of course, testing frameworks are quite mature in the Java and .NET world, but they have been nascent in terms of JavaScript. Here's what's new in the world of JavaScript...

  • Template based web design with JSF Facelets: ui:insert versus ui:include 20 Jul 2014

    Tutorial - When creating a web page template with JSF, a developer needs to know the difference between ui:insert and ui:include. They're actually quite different, but the similar sounding names can create confusion. Here's a great example of when to use ui:insert...

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