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User interface patterns are the hardware and software systems by which people interact with machines. The communication between man and machine exists within input and output. Learn about existing UI patterns with updated news, articles and tips in this topic section.


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  • Creating pages based on a JSF template: Using the Facelets ui:define tag 20 Jul 2014

    Tutorial - What do you do once you've set up a handsome page template using the Facelets functions that come with JSF 2.x? Well, you start creating new pages, meshing those ui:define tags in with ui:composition and ui:insert. It's easier than it sounds, trust me.

  • Turning a web page into a JSF 2.0 template with Facelets 19 Jul 2014

    Tutorial - How do you take a web page and turn it into a template using Facelets as the template engine? It takes some JSF, some HTML, maybe some CSS, and lots of JSF UI tags, but overall, it's an easy and simple process if you follow this tutorial.

  • Freezer: Putting object relational mapping (ORM) tools to the test 03 Jul 2014

    Feature - Freezer is a code generator that constructs the persistence layer of a Java application: DAOs, DTOs, database tables and database documentation. This article compares the use of the DAOs generated by Freezer, with the use of an ORM tool, like for example...

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