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Spring framework

Spring is an open source framework for the Java platform and .NET framework that focuses on managing business objects with a layered architecture. When developing under the open source Spring framework for Java and .NET, what are the best practices in transaction management, data access and aspect-oriented programming? Learn about using the Spring IDE and mastering the core container and security. Stay up-to-date on Spring development tools, Spring Web services and Spring python. In this section on Spring, we offer news, research and tutorials to help you develop applications, keep them secure and get a handle on managing data, objects and the core container.

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  • Java Developers have Loads to Learn from the Rails Community 15 Jun 2011

    Video - In an interview with TheServerSide.com, the creator of the Spring framework, Rod Johnson, tells interviewer Cameron McKenzie that Java developers have a lot to learn from the Rails community. "I think that the Java community has almost a pathological...