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A new trilogy: The enterprise architect's intro to microservices

Earlier this summer, Lightbend CTO & Co-founder (and creator of Akka) Jonas Bonér and Enterprise Advocate Kevin Webber were seeing their vacation time more as a far-off dream than a plausible reality.

Jonas had just published the free O’Reilly book titled Reactive Microservices Architecture–called “the best single source of the key ideas needed to design modern Reactive systems” by John Nestor–and we wanted to make it even easier to get the principles of microservices architectures into the hands of Enterprise Architects, CTOs, App Dev Managers and other decision makers. With the story of going Reactive with microservices in place, Jonas and Kevin set to work breaking down this concise, valuable book into a three-part series.

Part 1 – Microservices, Monoliths, SOA and How We Got Here

As microservices-based architectures continue to rise against traditional monolithic systems, it’s useful to take a look back to the past to understand how we got to where we are today with heritage applications, and the challenges they pose to productivity, agility, and performance.

Part 2 – The 6 Traits of Reactive Microservices: Isolated, Asynchronous, Autonomous and more

It’s a different world, and when it comes to computing, everything from multi-core processors to the price of RAM and disk have changed remarkably compared to 10 years ago…

Part 3 – Exploiting Reality with Microservices in Production Systems

One microservice is no microservice: they come in systems. To get the benefits of truly distributed systems (i.e. and not “distributed monoliths”), a new set of challenges present themselves to architects and development teams.