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C# vs. Java: 5 Irreplaceable C# features we’d kill to have in Java

The perfect programming language doesn’t exist. I hope we can agree on that, if nothing else. New languages are often developed in response to the shortcomings of another, and each is inevitably stronger in some ways and weaker in others.
C# and Java both stemmed from C/C++ languages, and they have a lot in common beyond both being Object-oriented. In addition to some structural similarities between Java’s JVM and C#’s .NET CLR, each advanced on its own path with their respective development teams focused on different visions of what the language should be.
We don’t want to get lost in the argument of which language is better than the other, we just want to outline some of the features that developers in C# are using that we don’t have available to us in Java.

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Hi, thanks for writing. This is Scott Wallask, editorial director for TheServerSide and several others sites here at TechTarget. I tend to agree with your comment and will look into whether this particular blogger is doing this type of post often in which you're encouraged to click to another site. 

Could I please ask that you change your posting name. I can't allow a curse like that to stay on the site, and my bosses are going to ask me about sooner or later. Thanks...
Hi -- I hope you're looking around at more than just this blog. We redesigned this site over the past year to look more modern and be more reader friendly, and we have had good responses from people in general.

The ads I don't have a lot of control over, although we are testing out site designs with wider columns that in theory would bring more of the actual blog higher up on the page. But you're point about the content being light in this point is warranted.