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The essential Java 9 feature you probably never heard of

Java 9 is set to release in July 2017, and it will come with a list of new and revised features, methods, and other elements. In our search through the JDK enhancement proposals (JEP), we came across JEP 266. It holds some interesting updates to CompletableFuture, Concurrency updates and support for Reactive Streams, that caught our attention.
In the following post we take a deeper look into JEP 266, go over the improvements it has to offer and talk about one very interesting feature we bet will be one of the most used Java 9 features. Let’s go.

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I've been waiting months or so since the TSS design change - I thought you must have noticed... the final links leading to the articles are not visible, the colour is the same, no underline, no signifier at all.
There’s a lot of changes with Java 9.There are several problems with writing large applications or maintaining a library. With the increase of the code base, the chance to create complicated code with tangled dependencies increases. It is hard to truly encapsulate code as every public
class becomes part of your public API and there is no clear notion of explicit dependencies between different parts of the system.though nice post interesting