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The top 100 Java libraries in 2017 - Based on 259,885 source files

It feels like only yesterday we were scraping data from GitHub to discover what are the top Java libraries of 2016, and all of a sudden another year has passed. This year, we’re kicking this data crunch up a notch and introducing Google BigQuery into the mix to retrieve the most accurate results.
For this year’s data crunch, we’ve changed the methodology a bit, and thanks to Google BigQuery. First, we pulled the top 1,000 Java repositories from GitHub by stars. Now that we had the most popular Java projects on Github, we filtered out Android and focused only on 477 pure Java projects.
After filtering the projects, we counted the unique imports within each of them and summed it all together. A deeper walkthrough of the research process is available at the bottom of this post.
Without further adieu, it’s time to see who are the winners and bloomers of 2017 most popular Java libraries. Who will sit on the Java throne?