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Who will be the Successor of Hadoop: Apache Spark or Apache Flink

In this tutorial we will discuss about the comparison between Apache Spark and Apache Flink. Apache spark and Apache Flink both are open source platform for batch processing as well as streaming processing engine at massive scale which provides fault-tolerance and data-distribution for distributed computations. This guide provides comprehensive comparison between two booming big data technologies that is Apache Flink vs Apache Spark.

Features Apache Flink Apache Spark
Computation Model Flink is based on operator-based computational model. Spark is based on micro-batch modal.
Streaming engine Apache Flink uses streams for all workloads: streaming, SQL, micro-batch and batch. Batch is a finite set of streamed data. Spark uses micro-batches for all workloads. But it is not sufficient for use cases where we need to process large streams of live data and provide results in real time

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